July 20, 2020 Zoom meeting

The July meeting will be Monday July 20 at 7pm via Zoom.  Contact John jtml@vla.com if you have a program to show.  Get on the email list for updated meeting info  https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/pajaritogrotto.

February 2020 meeting

The February meeting will be Tuesday Feb 18 at Jennifer’s house in Santa Fe. Dinner starting around 6pm, Meeting at 7pm.  Dues are still due…5$ per person per calendar year.  We still need to elect a new chair, so be there or be elected (Chris didn’t believe us).  Contact Ted if you have a program you can present.




January 2020 Meeting

January 2020 meeting will be Tuesday Jan 21 at the Bogle’s in White Rock. Dinner starting at 6pm, meeting at 7, program on Tennessee and Kentucky Caves.

January is elections, be there or be elected!

Also, Dues are due $5.