Not on third Tuesday in August!!! August 11 2018

    Not on third Tuesday in August!!!

Special summer meeting.

From Mike:
Kathi and I are very much looking forward to hosting the next grotto meeting/vertical practice at our home in Tajique. I will have a ropes course set up, including re-belays, pulleys for ascending, and rock faces for rappelling. If case of inclement weather, I have the same set up in our gym, which includes a 10′ by 20 ft climbing wall, pulleys and re-belays. We could start anytime that day, perhaps around noon?
If anyone wants to camp,there are many great sites on our land.

We will plan on a BBQ, and we will provide the burgers and hot dogs. Please let us know if you have a particular food you would prefer to eat.
I would also like to get a tentative headcount if possible, so if you could RSVP that would be greatly appreciated.

We are located on the Fourth of July Campground road in the Manzano Mountains.
Get on the email list for directions.